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Idate Award Winner

Renee Piane is the proud winner of this year's Idate award for Best Dating Coach.

Each year the industry leaders gather every January and vote for the best dating companies from best software to best match maker. A total of 13 awards are given, and Renee is honored that her clients and colleges took the time to vote for her. She has always tried to provide the best possible service in the industry and appreciates the industry leaders recognizing her for the effort. Thanks to all who voted for her.

Video of Renee Piane winning the prestigious
Idate award for Best Dating Coach
Winning partners: Ken Agee and Renee
at Idate dating industry awards ceremony
2014 iDate Awards highlights and winners.
A Foreign Affair's Ken Agee at the
Idate dating industry awards ceremony
Posing with the dancers
at Idate dating industry awards ceremony
Renee speaks with eHarmony CEO Dr. Neil Clark Warren
at Idate dating industry awards ceremony

2014 Idate Award Winner Best Dating Coach



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Renee Piane is not only the best dating coach, she is the best overall consultant I have ever worked with in any field.

Renee knows the subject of dating thoroughly - and she knows every subject related to dating. She is at the top of her game.

Renee is a master at pinpointing areas in her clients that need attention. She can assess situations with the rapidity of a heat-seeking missile. And although she pulls no punches, she also communicates with dignity and compassion.

She gives the impression of being completely dedicated to her work. She is quick to respond and gives, gives, gives to her clients. She is one of those rare birds who undersells and over delivers.

Paul Parks


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