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If you haven't become a Singles Advice member yet, you are missing out on important tools and services that can make all the difference in your quest to find true love and happiness.


Every week, I host a call-in show where I answer the hottest dating questions from all of my listeners. If you’re wondering why that awesome date didn’t go anywhere or why you can’t meet the right person, ask me!  You can send your personalized questions and have them answered LIVE on the show!  As a member, you will also have access to my previous shows and advice in MP3 format.


Every month I interview other experts in the fields of love and relationships. You will receive important insights and tips from:

Coaching professionals
Dating authors
Public speakers to share their most helpful experiences and advice.
Plus, as a valued member of, you will receive access to my exclusive archive of interviews all about love, dating, sex, health, wellness, and single life in general.


Receive exclusive, full-length articles written by me! My critically-acclaimed advice has changed the lives of singles everywhere and will empower you to GET REAL about LOVE! Every week, you will receive a new article in your email covering an important topic about dating, relationships and love.


I will send you two exclusive videos every month covering important topics related to love, dating, and relationships. I use true stories, personal experiences, and proven dating techniques to guide you along the path to REAL LOVE.

Here is a list of my exclusive videos and the helpful dating tips you'll learn from watching them! I have more videos on the way, so get started and get real about love!


Recognize your personal views about love
Use a healthy approach to building a serious relationship
Why dates you go on are not successful
Why the people you date have such high expectations
Get over a painful breakup
Discover what you REALLY want from a serious relationship
Meet compatible singles
Understand why you are still single
Gather courage to make the next move towards REAL love


Learn about the vibes you are projecting to others
Meet new people in your area
Attract compatible singles
Improve your social skills
Develop confidence
Notice people who are interested in you
Open your heart to a REAL relationship


Understand why you have trouble meeting compatible singles
Improve your health, living space and lifestyle
Analyze and develop your inner self
Understand why you lack confidence and learn how to get it
Understanding what you are looking for in love
Re-discover your faith in love
Re-connect with your core beliefs about love
Finally understand WHO you are looking for!


Align your personal LOVE VISION
Get clear on what you REALLY want out of a relationship
Make true love a reality


Create habits that will guide you to success
Create a vision of what you want your love life to be
Build a solid online profile
Meet compatible singles online


Communicate honestly about sex
Understand why men and women view sex differently
Feel comfortable talking openly and honestly about sex
Talk about sex without scaring your date away
Ask questions you felt too awkward to bring up
Feel comfortable with your sexuality and move forward


Improve your living space to invite REAL LOVE
Avoid the most unattractive mistakes
Manage and maintain your clean living space
Make your living space represent your positive energy
Create a living space check list
Let go of the old and make room for the new!


Make a good first impression
Examine your personal style
Spice up your wardrobe, improve your appearance
Choose the right accessories
Maintain basic body care
Re-discover your unique style


Build up energy before a big date
Use daily rituals to fuel your body
Become your own energy coach!


Become comfortable approaching new people
Quickly build a rapport with people
Build your communication and style traits
Utilize the SUCCESS Formula for meeting new people
Leave a strong impression
“Flirting with Life” technique to meet potential dates


Use natural, authentic opening lines to meet people
Avoid cheezy, cliché comments
Realize when someone is interested in you
Understand the common red and green light signals
Let him or her down easy
Acknowledge when the connection just isn’t there
Avoid wasting your time on dead-end dates!


Stop meeting people in the wrong places
Make new friends
Meet compatible singles in your area
Meet people with similar interests and hobbies

Doing nothing, that's your worst enemy

Finding your one true love is as important as breathing.
Join Renée and GET STARTED!


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Renee’s work is a “must have” resource for all men wanting to build successful relationships with women. She writes for us on and the men love her work.

- Curt Smith,

Renee is able to offer very insightful “power tools” and the reader is given the insight to use them to change their relationships and achieve success in love.

- Mark Victor Hansen, Co creator of the # 1 best seller Chicken Soup for the Soul

Many singles are confused and clueless. If you’re looking for the secrets of dating ... listen carefully to Renee Piane. She has a unique way of teaching singles the dynamics of the dating game. Renee knows more about what singles really need than anyone in the field. Thank you, Renee.

­ Michael Edwards, MFCC

Renee has truly helped me with my relationship issues. My days are shining brighter now, thanks to Renee. I am getting married next June . Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

– Rosa Mancari

If you are ready for a unique combination of insight that will have you reconnecting to your authentic self quickly, do not hesitate.

– Wanda

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and your love wisdom. You were SO there for me when I was going through it with my X- and that was some of the most soul-wrenching stuff. Your wisdom stuck with me. You've been so amazing to me and I can't thank you enough for your generosity of caring, coaching and support!

– Anonymous

Renee has the ability to get straight to the heart of a matter and help you resolve it while building your self esteem. After I got divorced I was lost and unsure I wanted love again. After seeing Renee I felt so in control of my life and have a new outlook on love and dating. It changed my entire perspective. I am happier now than ever. Call her! She will get you out of that funk that you’re in! Thanks to Renee I am back into my life again and I am grateful!

– JWC (divorced after 15 years & a single dad)

Renee Piane is the best coach on dating and making a love connection in your life. I have known Renee since 2000 and her advice is timeless, strategic and full of common sense. Dating can be full of pitfalls and dangerous curves up ahead. Get the best coach in your corner so that you can increase your chances of finding a love connection without the pain of making mistakes with your heart and feelings. Renee gives you the edge in your love connection. Don’t date without her.

– Michael F., 500 Executive

Renee your advice saved me from staying in a terrible relationship! I thank God for you everyday. your advice is amazing and direct! I highly recommend Renee if youwant results!

– Linda E, Philadelphia

Renee Piane helped me come up with a plan to improve my dating life that worked like a charm. Before I met her, I had a lot of potential but no direction. Renee gave me invaluable advice on how to be a more interesting person, make women feel comfortable, and more than anything helped me help myself. Renee knows what women want and she will get right to the point in turning your dating life into gold! Every cent I spent with her was worth it! If I knew someone like Renee 10 years ago, my life would have been so much better but it is never too late!

– ZC Los Angeles, CA

Renee Piane is the real thing when it comes to being a Love Coach. Her advice and guidance is how she lives her own life…not just words for others. It is so refreshing to know someone that "walks her walk" and really cares about the people she coaches. I would recommend Renee to anyone who is in the throws of a break-up to anyone who just wants excellent love coaching to find their special mate. Renee…you ROCK!

– Ruth Klein, Santa Monica, Ca

Renee are a genius!! You basically saved my sinking marriage, and my husband doesn't even know what hit him!!! You really showed me the way to handle things with your magical love scripts. All is well, and as you said, Bill has responded to my kindness, and I have been less bitchy with the whole family. My life so much better and your advice/coaching made it all so much easier. You are so special! Thank you

– Lynda W -Delaware

Renee you changed my life with your personal coaching and opened my heart after years of dating bad boys and getting hurt. You are a life saver and I am in a happy committed relationship now after following your coaching program!

– Michelle M

I really appreciate you being such a sweetheart to me in my coaching session. It makes a big difference in my life since as an Ex- New Yorker I'm easily misunderstood by the Cali girls. You listening skills are amazing. Thanks so much for your work.

– P.G.


dating coach singles advice

Renee Piane is not only the best dating coach, she is the best overall consultant I have ever worked with in any field.

Renee knows the subject of dating thoroughly - and she knows every subject related to dating. She is at the top of her game.

Renee is a master at pinpointing areas in her clients that need attention. She can assess situations with the rapidity of a heat-seeking missile. And although she pulls no punches, she also communicates with dignity and compassion.

She gives the impression of being completely dedicated to her work. She is quick to respond and gives, gives, gives to her clients. She is one of those rare birds who undersells and over delivers.

Paul Parks


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